Automate billing notifications and reminders

Automate your notifications and reminders with Engage's integration with Stripe, Paystack, Flutterwave, Fastspring, Paddle and more.

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Connect your payment gateway

Easily connect your payment gateway in a single click to get customer billing events sent to your Engage account.

Segment users by spend, plan and more

Automatically group your user by their billing events. Create groups based on billing events, plan, amount spent, and more.

Automate all reminders and notifications

Automatically send payment receipts, subscription charge failure notifications, card expiring reminders and more.

Enrich user data

Enrich your user data on Engage with the billing data from your payment gateway. This gives insight into each user's billing activities.

Multichannel Messaging

Either through targeted campaigns at user Segments, or message automation, engage your customers through email, SMS and in-app messaging.

Ready to use templates

Use any of the readily available automation templates on the dashboard for payment receipt, trial ending reminders, charge failure notifications and more.
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