Keep onboarding, conversion and retention messages on autopilot

Create email sequences, drip campaigns and workflows to automatically engage customers based on set triggers. They stay running till you stop them.


Guide customers on next steps

Increase conversion by creating a message sequence to dynamically guide customers on the next step in the onboarding process.
Onboarding automation

Date triggered notifications

Send birthday wishes and appointment reminders

Trigger automations based on specific dates. Use this to send customers birthday wishes and date-related reminders.
Date triggered automation


Incentivize active customers, nudge inactive ones

Use segmentation to identify customers and trigger automations to incentivize active customers or nudge inactive ones.

Wide range of triggers

Select from a variety of triggers to start your automation.

More than just email sequences

Automations on Engage are more than just email sequences. Control your automation flow with if/else conditions and do more than just send messages.

Set goals and track conversion

Set automation goals in few clicks to track how your automations convert.
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