Create customer groups based on customer data

Group your customers based on their data–attributes (e.g. gender, location or plan name), custom actions (e.g liked item, used card, upgraded account) and integration data (e.g clicked link, upcoming renewal). Get analytics insights and easily message your segments.

Automatic segment management

Automatic segment management

Customers are automatically added or removed from the segments based on their data changes. Create your segment once and Engage manages it from there.

Send multi-channel messages to customer segments

Send broadcasts or create automations to send messages to segments through, email, SMS and push notifications.
Get real-time events feed

and there is more...

Easily bring in customer data

Easily connect customer data through integrations, our SDKs and the User API.

Message automations

Use automations to automate messaging to your segments based on different triggers.

Data insights

Get insights into your segment engagement and see how customers join and leave your segment.
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