Segment customers based on who they are and what they do

Your customers are at different stages in your app. Segment your customers to understand them better and send targeted personalized messages. No more sending generic messages to everyone.

Powerful segment builder

Segment customers with a simple, intuitive and powerful segment builder. Create segments based on attributes, events, if and how many times an event has occurred and more.
Segment builder

Reach the right customers

Send targeted messages to one or more segments through email, SMS, push notifications and more.
Segment builder

Know your customer distribution

See how many of your customers belong to a particular segment. Also, see how customers join and leave your segments.
Know your customer distribution

100% managed

Based on data, Engage automatically adds and removes customers from your segments to ensure customers are always in the right segment.

See as customers join and leave

Get a detailed picture of how customers are added and removed from your segment.

Trigger automations with segment events

Trigger dynamic workflows based on when a customer joins or leaves a segment.
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