Manage, track and view customer engagement and data

View all your customer data — messages, support conversations, attributes, events, and groups at a glance.

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A Customer Profile on Engage

All shades of customer data

See more than name and phone number. Get behind the scenes and view business, behavioral or conversational data in an instant. Make data-backed decisions that drive results.
Customer data screenshot

Personalize your interactions

Track attributes and events as they happen to anticipate needs and personalize engagement at scale. Use what you know about your customers to drive growth.
Customer events screenshot
Segments and Lists

Create Customer Segments and Lists

Don't just manage customers; understand them. Group by automated Segments or manual Lists and send targeted messages when and where needed.
Customer page with Segments and Lists

Import customer data from your current tool stack

Use Engage to sync your customer data from 30+ tools. We provide APIs and SDKs to track attributes and events on mobile, web—wherever your customers are.
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