Send emails, SMS and in-app messages that convert

Engage provides you the best marketing automation tools to deliver personalized campaigns and automate your customer onboarding, conversion and retention messages.

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Keep onboarding, conversion and retention messages on autopilot

Create email sequences, drip campaigns and workflows to automatically engage customers based on set triggers. They stay running till you stop them.

Customer Segmentation

Group your customers based on data

Create customer groups based on customer attributes and events like gender, location, last login and app activity. Send targeted messages through emails, SMS and in-app messages, and see how customers convert.
Customer Segmentation


Reach customers through the right channel

Engage supports email, SMS and push notifications to enable you deliver the right message in the right way.
Customer Segmentation

Subscription lists

Lists are an easy way to create customer groups for engagement. Create lists for your online forms or newsletters.

Connect your favourite services

From payment gateways to data analytics tools, Engage supports multiple services like Segment and Zapier you can connect to for customer data enrichment.

Bring your messaging infrastructure

Already use Amazon SES, Mailgun or Twilio for messaging? Connect your existing messaging infrastructure and continue to use this in Engage.

Transactional email analytics

Connected your transactional email provider? Engage gives you detailed analytics and reporting of your transactional emails. We support top service providers like Amazon SES, Mailgun and more.

Data and Integration

Sync customer data and events with our integrations, simple API and SDKs

Connect your favourite tools

Bring in customer data from your favourite services like Segment, Stripe, Paystack, AWS, Zapier and more.

Simple API and SDKs

Engage provides a simple user API to track customer attributes and events. We also have SDKs to make your integration easier.
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