Send transactional messages from your app

Send transactional email, SMS and push notifications from your application in response to user events.

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Code example to send email through the API

Engage through multiple channels

Send transactional messages through email, SMS and push notifications.
Multichannel transactional engagement dashboard

See message events as they happen

Track delivery, opens, clicks and other message events as they happen in real-time.
Transactional email dashboard showing live events

Bring your own infrastructure

Already use a different messaging service? Connect it to Engage. We support Mailgun, Sendgrid, Amazon SES, Twilio, FCM, Expo, OneSignal, Termii and more.
Engage integrations

Manage your transactional email templates

Create, edit and delete your email templates from a simple dashboard. Your template is automatically synced to your email service provider.

View email content

See how users see the content you send. Be 100% sure your email is delivering exactly the way it is designed.

Slack notifications

Get timely failure delivery and complaint notifications sent to your Slack account.

View performance by tags

Use tags? See breakdown and performance of your emails by tags.

Support for top ESPs

We support top email service providers like Mailgun, Amazon SES and more. Learn more about transactional email analytics for Mailgun and Amazon SES.

Sync to S3

Sync your email event feed to a bucket on Amazon S3.
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