Personalize your messaging with customer segments

Group customers using custom criteria—whether it's gender, location, billing, recent interactions, or app activity. Send targeted messages via email, SMS, or in-app notifications and see how customers convert live.

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Segmentation dashboard

Powerful builder, intuitive segments

Group customers by attributes, events, frequencies, inactivity, billing and more, with a simple yet powerful segment builder.
Segment filters

Trigger dynamic messaging workflows

Trigger dynamic messaging workflows based on when a customer joins and leaves your Segment. This lets you automatically engage customers across the customer lifecycle.
Automation workflow

Your Segments are 100% dynamically managed

Using customer data, Engage automatically adds or removes customers from your Segments on the fly. This ensures customers are always in the right Segment.

Maximize your marketing spend

Use precise customer segmentation to send targeted campaigns via email, SMS, push notifications and more.

Smart Segmentation

Auto-populate (or depopulate) Segments based on customer action. See how they join and leave.

Make data-driven decisions

Get live feedback on Segment performance and conversion rates to improve customer experiences.
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