Web in-app messaging is now live!🎉

Our in-app messaging (web) provides hyper-targeted notifications for users while they use your web application.

Web in-app messaging is now live!🎉

Our web in-app messaging channel is now live! This means you can send broadcast and automation campaigns to different customer/user segments directly to their browsers.

This makes it 4 communication channels — email, sms, push notifications (mobile) and now web in-app, through which you can engage your customers/users.

Why does this matter?

With messaging, timing is everything. And getting that right is tricky, particularly with in-app pop ups. Thankfully, with Engage, you get to determine the exact people who receive an in-app message and when.

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Asides being an extra channel for engagement, it is a great driver for up to 10% in conversions for various platforms. Any reason why you'd want to miss out on that? For example, you could target returning customers and users with a discount so as to nudge a specific core action.

On designing your copy, here's a tip from Julian Shapiro:

When designing your popups, ensure the copy, call-to-action, and incentive are directly relevant to the page the visitor is currently on. You can rephrase the headers that appear on the page as a hook in the popup.

How to Setup your In-app Messaging

🔔 Heads-up: This part is quite technical, so you might need to have your engineers/developers around.

To use the web in-app messaging feature, you must have the installed the Engage Javascript SDK. It is how Engage is able to identify recipients and manage the messaging. See the in-app messaging documentation to learn more.

How it works

  • Broadcasts: You create your broadcast campaign from the dashboard, then select the "web in-app" channel option.
For broadcasts, select "web in-app" option
  • Automation: After choosing the automation option, select the "Send web in-app message" option as your action.
For automation, select "Send web in-app message"
  • Compose your message.
  • Select those you want to receive the message.
  • Go live! 🚀

For recipients online, the in-app message will automatically pop up at the bottom right corner of the browser screen. If the recipient is offline, the message pops up when next they are online.

In-app messaging is more suitable for short content forms so keep it concise and beautiful. If you want to use if for a lengthy content, our recommendation is you only post the excerpt through in-app messaging and then link to the full content.

We can't wait to see the interesting ways you will use this. And we look forward to your feedback. Tweet at us (@engage_so) or send us an email ([email protected]).

To learn more about the web in-app messaging, please check the in-app messaging documentation.

Quick Questions on In-App messaging with Engage

How this affect my pricing?

Each message you send to a unique customer/user contributes to your MTU (monthly tracked customers). See how we calculate MTU.

Can I use this on the free plan?

Absolutely. However, remember that the free plan is limited to only 1,000 MTU. Your in-app message will also have a "powered by Engage" footer.