Order Confirmation Emails: Best Practices and Twenty Powerful Examples for Your Business

This guide will provide insight into the best order confirmation email practices, as well as 20 powerful examples to inspire you.

Order Confirmation Emails: Best Practices and Twenty Powerful Examples for Your Business

It's exciting when a customer places an order or makes a purchase on your site. It shows that your brand has something of value to offer. But wait, what happens next on the customers' part?

Before you get caught up in your bubble of joy and excitement, your customer wants to ensure that there were no errors in their order and that payment was successful. It is at this point that order confirmation emails come in. When done right, this type of transactional email opens the door to providing a great customer experience.

From expressing your appreciation to the buyer to providing detailed order information, order confirmation emails offer much.

Before we begin, what is an order confirmation email?

Table of Contents

  1. What is an Order Confirmation Email
  2. 20 Powerful Examples of Order Confirmation Emails
  3. Order Confirmation Best Practices
  4. How to Get Started on Order Confirmation Emails for Your Company.

What is an Order Confirmation Email?

An order confirmation email is a transactional email sent to a customer to confirm a specific event or action triggered on your platform, app or online store.

The email could confirm that the customer's order has been:

  • Received: Send this email to let your customers know that you have received their order. It also enables the customer to expect future emails to provide information on when the order processing will begin.
  • Processed: Send this email to inform your customers that their order is being processed, including how long it will take before the order is shipped off.
  • Shipped off: Send this email to inform your customers that their order is on the way and the expected delivery time.

However, an order confirmation email involves sending the order number, shipping address and billing information to the customer.

An excellent order confirmation email sets clear expectations, builds customer excitement and eliminates miscommunication. Now, let's review some of the best order confirmation email examples and how you can apply the best order confirmation email practices.

20 Powerful Examples of Order Confirmation Emails

1. Olipop: Olipop's order confirmation email begins with the headline "order incoming". The visual display of Olipop's drink flavors followed by the text "make space in your fridge" is undoubtedly bound to leave you with a feeling of excitement and anticipation.

Clear any doubts your customer may have by carefully revealing specific order details. Olipop's order confirmation email includes a detailed summary of the subtotal, shipping and tax fee.

The email ends with a "track your order" button, making it easier for the customer to keep track of the order's movement.

2. MeUndies

There's a lot of delivery delay and uncertainty as a result of the covid-19 outbreak. MeUndies begins its order confirmation email with a covid-19 update reminding customers of potential shipping and delivery delays.

Next, the company incorporates a bit of its brand personality to make things less boring. Followed by an order number and summary, including the shipping address, shipping details and date processed.

The following section serves as an incentive to encourage customers to invite their friends to give MeUndies a try. Questions could arise during the shipping process. So, MeUndies makes the shipping process more accessible for its customers to stay updated during the entire delivery process by providing links to their help center.

3. Eero

Most times, your order confirmation email doesn't need to have lots of heavy design work. Simplicity and clarity can go a long way in communicating your order details to your customers. Eero's is an excellent example of this.

The company starts its order confirmation email by expressing appreciation for the customer's order. Next, they dive straight into the order details and summary, including the product cost and shipping address.

4.  YouWorkForThem

Just like the Eero brand, YouWorkForThem focuses on simplicity in its order confirmation email.

The email includes a breakdown of the order summary, including the product cost and rewards earned.

5. Everlane

Everlane's order confirmation email starts with a complete product visual, reminding the customer of its appearance when wearing it.

There may be cases whereby a customer may need to make a last-minute change to the order. Everlane is aware of this possibility, so the company provides the opportunity for customers to cancel an order in case the need arises.

The "cancel order" CTA makes it easier for customers to make any needed changes to their order.

6. Etsy

When you need to go knee-deep into an order summary, you shouldn't skip the process. It's essential to provide as much information as necessary to help your customer get a solid idea of how the entire shipping process will go.

Etsy's order confirmation emails skip the fancy design work and dedicate its entire email to revealing specific order details. The email begins with an introductory text confirming the customer's order.

The email also includes a personalized message from the founder, Tanalee, who expresses her appreciation and clarifies how the order shipment will be carried out.

Next, the email reveals additional shipping information:

  • Estimated shipping times.
  • Custom and import taxes.
  • Return and exchange policies.

This information sets clear expectations on the company's order processes. The email ends with a visual display of other items in the store.

7. Fullscript

A bold "thank you message" is ideal for kick off an excellent buying relationship with buyers. Fullscript does this well in its order confirmation email. The company uses bold lettering reflecting its brand's colour showing appreciation for the customer's order request.

8. Burst

Burst throws a splash of creativity into its order confirmation email. The company incorporates a blend of brand colours and visuals, making the email more visually appealing.

Just like other brand examples, Burst includes product visuals, pricing details and shipping address. There's a clear CTA that reads "track your burst pack" clearly displayed for the customer.

9. Doordash

Doordash's order confirmation email begins with the message "your order is on the way". This message is ideal for putting the customer in a relaxed manner and knowing the exact stage of the ordering process.

Next, the email includes the delivery address, the exact time for delivery, followed by a CTA. In this way, the customer can track the entire order process till the food is delivered.

The email also includes the order summary so the customer can confirm that there was no mix-up with the order.

10. Tens

Just like the Eero brand, Tens focuses its order confirmation email on a detailed order summary. The email incorporates product visuals and pricing details of the customer’s order.

11. Chewy

Chewy's order confirmation email is short but detailed. It offers two CTAs for the customer to modify the shipping date. The company's email includes an estimated shipping date plus the time frame allocated to changing the order.

The email ends with an order summary and customer service helpline.

12. Hyatt

Hyatt's order confirmation email reveals a detailed, organized structure of the order details. This helps the customer quickly scan through the email and note every order information.

The first section of the email reveals the customer's check in/checkout time. The following section is dedicated to helping the customer modify their reservation, followed by additional reservation details.

13. Joybird

This is another excellent example of an order confirmation email. The company begins the email with the introductory text "your order has shipped", setting the right expectations for the customer. The email reveals specific shipment details, including shipping address and billing information.

Some order confirmation emails don't leverage the power of video to communicate with customers. The truth is that videos are a great way to reinforce a message and use other visual cues that written words would otherwise not be able to pull off. Joybird leverages the power of video marketing in its order confirmation email explaining the service they offer during delivery.

Great points about Joybird's confirmation email:

  • A $200 referral offer.
  • Different pictures of the people behind the customer support team -this helps build trust.

14. Shine

Shine's order confirmation email applies a detailed and straightforward structure. The order number is boldly positioned at the top right corner of the email for the customer to see.

The company also provides a detailed order summary, including shipping address, billing address and payment method.

15. Zillow

Zillow incorporates brevity into its order confirmation email.

Apart from the order details, the email also contains helpful resources to help the customer learn more about home facts moving forward.

16. Nike

Nike's order confirmation email begins with a tracking number boldly displayed, followed by a CTA that reads "track package." This makes sense because the customer doesn't have to scan through the email looking for the tracking number. It's displayed clearly for quick and easy access.

The company also includes a product visual followed by brief order details such as

  • Order number.
  • Order date.
  • Delivery method.

17. Apple

A simple "thank you" message can go a long way in establishing a great relationship with customers. Apple applies this strategy at the beginning of its order confirmation email. The company starts its email with a "thank you for your order" statement.

Next, it displays specific order details that include shipping address, billing and payment information. It's common for questions to arise during the shipping process. So, Apple considers customers potential concerns by having a FAQ section and a customer support helpline.

In this way, customers are not stuck in an uncertainty loop. The company ends its email with a preview of other products in stock.

18. Beardbrand

Beardbrand's order confirmation email starts with the introductory statement, "that was a great move". The company made an effort to make its customer understand that the purchase was the right choice.

Then, the company reveals further information to help the customers know how the entire shipping process is likely to go. It's always best to set clear expectations, so the customer is well informed if changes arise.

Next, the shipping and billing address are displayed, followed by specific order details. Product visuals are also displayed with the quantity and pricing details.

19. Airbnb

Airbnb does a great job with its detailed order confirmation email. The company provides a pictorial view of its room, leaving the customer excited to start their journey. The next section of the email includes a detailed summary of the customer's trip, host information, clear expectations and customer support details.

The email ends with a pictorial view of what a San Francisco experience looks like, setting the right mood for an adventure. No doubt, this order confirmation email leaves the customer armed with sufficient information and fully prepared to get on the road.

20. Proflower

Proflower gives another powerful example of an order confirmation email. The company doesn't just focus on its customer's order details but also throws light on the subsequent stages of the delivery process. The company also includes a $15 reward to incentivize customers to make a new order.

Proflower's goal is to keep the customer updated at every stage of the entire delivery process. Next, the email ends with a detailed order summary and a $15 credit reward as an incentive to make a new order.

Order Confirmation Email Best Practices

Now that you've got an idea of what an order confirmation email should look like, It's time to learn the best practices to incorporate in your order confirmation email template.

Here are the best practices:

1. Be as detailed as possible:

Skip unnecessary information and provide specific details that will help your customers confirm the action they have taken. Don't clutter your email with irrelevant product offers and unrelated CTAs. The more detailed your order confirmation email is, the easier it will be for your customer to track their order details.

2. Ensure you set clear expectations on the delivery process:

Set clear expectations so the customer knows of any potential change that could arise during the shipping process. If there is any delay in shipping the order, indicate it in the email. Failure to do this could result in a bad experience for your customer.

3. Incorporate your brand personality

Don't be shy to make things less boring. Spice up your order confirmation email with a touch of your brand colour and unique voice. Let your customer get a taste of your brand personality in your confirmation emails. Phrases such as "that was a smart move" or "you're awesome" can make a difference in how customers view your brand.

4. Make things less boring with a bit of creativity

A bit of creativity in your order confirmation email wouldn't be a bad idea. Make use of the right blend of your brand colours to make your emails more popping. However, you should know when to draw the line.

5. Optimize your email for mobile devices

While most marketers' go-to choice may be desktop optimization, you should know that most emails are viewed on a mobile device. So ensure that you optimize your confirmation emails for mobile.

6. Incorporate video when necessary

Even a short video clip can communicate a lot to your customers. You can insert a short video clip in your email, providing a summary of what your entire shipping process looks like and what the customer should expect. This transparency helps the customer feel at ease knowing that they can trust your service or product.

7. Present your email in a clear, organized structure.

A disorganized email is a total deal-breaker. Don't let your customer go through the stress of locating an "order number" or figuring out the following steps to take after placing an order. Present your order confirmation email in a clear, organized structure, placing the order number boldly as well as the shipping address and billing information.

Getting Started on Your Order Confirmation Emails

Order confirmation emails are worth it when done right. It presents the opportunity to show your customers that you value the interest they've shown in your brand. Feel free to use any of the best order confirmation email practices above to optimize your order confirmation email template.

Don't hesitate to add a bit of creativity and your brand personality to make your emails more fun. Remember, the most important thing is that you present your email in a way that brings the most value to your customers. But to do so, you need to have the right software in your arsenal to help you track your customer order and send them an order confirmation email at the right time.

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