Introducing our mobile SDKs

You can now easily track customer attributes and events from your mobile application.

Introducing our mobile SDKs

We are happy to announce 3 mobile SDKs – Flutter, Android and React Native – to make connecting your customer data to Engage easier on mobile.


The mobile SDKs make it possible to achieve the following:

  • Track what your users are doing from within your mobile application, e.g., liked a product, made a transfer, placed an order.
  • Track user properties and attributes for better customer segmentation.
  • Get the device registration token so that you can send targeted push notifications through broadcasts or automations to the user.

Start building

We can’t wait to see the awesome things you will do with this. Learn more about the SDKs here:

We are currently working on Engage’s native iOS SDK and in-app messaging on mobile (in-app pop-ups) so keep an eye for that in the coming weeks.