Abandoned cart email: How to use abandoned cart emails to win customers.

Abandoned cart email: How to use abandoned cart emails to win customers.

Do you know that it is possible to recover lost sales in your online store? According to statistics by Moosend.com, 69% of online carts are being abandoned by users. This can reduce total revenue by a huge margin and even bring losses to a business.      

What is an abandoned cart email?

An abandoned cart email is a follow-up email sent to customers who have added products to their cart but leave a website without completing a purchase. According to Moosend.com, 45% of cart abandonment emails are opened; 21% of all are clicked on, while 50% of the users who clicked, made a purchase.

This shows that you can recover a good percentage of customers who have unfinished business with your website, by setting up a series of automated abandonment cart emails.

Engage allows you to set your automation in such a way that every cart that is abandoned, triggers a cart abandonment email to go off within a designated amount of time.

Setting up the abandoned cart automation on Engage.

The customer who abandoned a cart receives an email that reflects their cart and items to be purchased and invites them to complete their purchase. This email serves as a reminder, and businesses use it to offer additional motives, such as a discount coupon or free shipping. This way, businesses manage to retrieve almost one-third of their purchases.

Few reasons why customers abandon their cart are:

  • High product price or shipping costs
  • Slow delivery
  • Unsatisfactory payment process
  • Complicated checkout process
  • Lack of discount/coupon codes
  • Poor website design elicits suspicion.

The great thing about all of this is that you can get some of these customers back to complete their purchases.

Benefits of an abandoned email cart.

There are several benefits of sending out an abandonment email. Each of these benefits allows you to see a bigger picture of why every customer is important to your business. Here are a few below :

1. Boost your conversion rate:

The main reason a business would want to send out an abandoned cart email is to recover lost sales, increase conversion rate and revenue. However, sending automated emails not only allows you to save time and effort, but is also extremely efficient. In addition, these emails help to reach out to forgetful customers and incentivize them to come back & complete their purchases.

2. Improve your customer experience:

Sending emails with incentives greatly increases the relevancy of communication and the probability of making a sale. This also helps to inject a little of your brand's personality, make the emails unique, attractive, and memorable. This will increase brand loyalty, resulting in an increased likelihood of purchases.

3. Improve your customer relationship:

Abandoned cart emails allow e-Commerce store owners to easily predict why shoppers abandoned their carts on their online stores. For example, you can directly ask what was the problem that led a customer to abandon her shopping cart and provide the required help. You can also ask abandoned cart visitors to fill out a short survey via email or live chat.

This provides incredibly useful insights on how you can improve the customer experience of your online store, tackling issues and preventing them from happening in the future.

Tips to recover abandoned cart customers.

While often ignored, your abandoned carts can be a goldmine of potential sales just waiting to be tapped into. If your abandoned cart rate is at 69%, that means 69 out of 100 visitors will leave your site without purchasing anything. How much would your revenues increase if you could recapture even half of those lost sales?

Here are a few tips to reduce your abandonment rate:

1. Use Retargeting Ads

Retargeting /remarketing has come a long way in recent years. it involves marketing to people who have already viewed or tried to buy a product/service on your website.

With a retargeting ad campaign, your shoppers will be shown ads of the exact products they left behind in their cart. This can be done through  Facebook pixel, or Google remarketing tags.

2. Use Push Notifications

Push notifications are another way to recapture shoppers who have abandoned the ship. Several plugins make this easier, and there are plenty of options available today for most common e-commerce platforms. Once you've chosen a plugin ( OneSignal for WordPress and Firepush for Shopify), create your notification and choose when you'd like it to go out, such as five minutes, 20 minutes, or even a day after a shopper leaves your site.

3. Send Emails

Email is another strategy for recovering abandoned carts. However, keep in mind that your results will vary considerably, depending on the effectiveness of your campaign. Try not to be pushy with your emails. Your aim should be to remind them of their unfinished business with you. The first follow-up email can be sent within the 1st hour (or depending on your settings) asking the customer if they had any technical difficulties in making the purchase and with a link to complete their order.

If the customer does not take action, a second email is sent after 24 hours reminding the customer about the order and the third and final email is sent after 3 days with a unique offer or a limited-time discount to entice the customer to complete the order.

4.  Encourage Customers To Sync Their Accounts

Carts are often lost when a shopper switches from their phone to their desktop. Prevent carts from being forgotten in the shuffle by making it easier for your visitors to connect their devices.

5. Offer Multiple Payment Methods

Living in the digital world means cash is all but a relic for today's consumers. This means you need to offer several payment methods on your website, no matter what you sell.

Debit and credit card payments are a bare minimum necessity.The more eCommerce payment processing options you give a customer to pay with, the more likely they are to finish the transaction.

6. Using Personal Outreach

One of the best strategies is to personally reach out to your customers and offer them any help they need to complete their orders.

The customer might have faced some minor issues like a coupon code not working or some other technical issue that prevented them from making the purchase. Personally reaching out to them helps you know what problem they faced while trying to purchase from your store and offers a customized solution that will prompt them to come back and complete the purchase. Customers can be reached through personalized emails or phone calls.


For as long as e-commerce businesses evolve, cart abandonment is here to stay. What you can do on your part is to try to keep it to a minimum. Tools like Engage, can automate your abandon cart emails and boost your conversion rates.