Dear SaaS Founder, Are You Making The Best Use Of Video Marketing?

Video marketing provides a great way to boost customer retention and in-product engagement. This article will provide insight into how you can make the best use of video marketing for your SaaS business.

Dear SaaS Founder, Are You Making The Best Use Of Video Marketing?

Videos are one of the content formats that have become popular in the marketing industry.

Studies have shown that 86% of marketing professionals use video in their marketing efforts. The majority of these marketers (78%) say videos have directly helped to increase sales, while 86% also say that videos increased traffic to their websites.

There's no doubt that this visual marketing medium plays an important role in your marketing strategy. But how can you apply it for the best results?

This article will share how you can use video marketing to improve your SaaS business. Before we begin, let's explain some of the benefits of using video marketing.

Table of contents

  1. Why you need video marketing for your SaaS business
  2. How to create a video marketing strategy for your SaaS business
  3. What makes a great marketing video?
  4. Wrapping up

Why you need video marketing for your SaaS business

1. Increase brand awareness

With video marketing, you have a higher chance of getting your product in front of more customers because every piece of content you create provides an opportunity for search engines to find and index.

This means that with a good SEO strategy, your video content can appear more in search engines and get seen by more people, which in turn will increase your brand awareness and overall web traffic.

While this is a likely result of video marketing, you must remember that your videos must be original, memorable, and shareable. This way, customers will remember your brand and share it with others.

2. Save time and resources

As soon as you incorporate video content in your marketing strategy, you start to save more hours on customer training and support.

For instance, imagine providing text-based only resources to onboard new customers. It can get overwhelming because text and visuals have limitations when it comes to representing information.

Video, on the other hand, communicates more, is easier to digest, and can deliver a more engaging message. This content format helps you to save time, money, and resources on training to help customers understand how a product works.

3. Increase conversions

People don't like to wait long to get answers to their questions. If you can provide answers to your customers concisely and engagingly, you have more chances of boosting conversions. With video marketing, you can create short bite-sized videos addressing your customers' questions and problems. Short and engaging videos tend to perform better and drive more conversions. Just ensure that you add a call-to-action inside each video that you share with your customers.

4. Boost Customer retention

One of the best ways to increase customer engagement and retention is by showing your product in action. For example, you can include short explainer videos in your in-app messages to help onboard new customers.

These videos can be focused on a new specific feature or product update. Alternatively, you can include a how-to video tutorial that will help customers how to use specific product features and complete a task at hand.

This way, customers can gain more value from your product and become more invested in your brand.

How to create a video marketing strategy for your SaaS business

So far, we've explained why you need video marketing for your SaaS business. In this section, we'll cover how you can create a great marketing video.

1. Choose the right platform

When you want to start using video marketing for your SaaS business, you need to choose a suitable platform based on where your target audience hangs out the most. While there are many channels to choose from, it's important to conduct in-depth research and determine the social media platform that will work for your brand. For example, is your audience more active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube? These are some examples of social media platforms that you can consider.

Even TikTok is a popular marketing channel to consider for your SaaS business. The good thing about video content is that you can post it across different marketing channels so that you can test the waters and figure out what works for your brand and audience.

2. Apply a storytelling approach

Storytelling is a powerful marketing strategy that keeps rising in popularity. For a good reason—a good story can capture an audience's attention. Rather than creating uncreative videos and risk boring your customers, you can apply storytelling in your video marketing strategy to boost customer engagement.

For example, people are usually interested to know more about the behind-the-scenes of a brand, you can use the opportunity to apply the storytelling approach to make customers engage more with your brand.  

3. Present customer testimonials through videos

Fake written customer reviews are on the rise. It has increased to the point where customers don't easily trust text-based reviews and testimonials. So you need to apply a different approach. You can present your customer testimonials through videos to make them more authentic and trustworthy.

You can start by asking your customers to record a short video with their mobile device or any other device. All they need to do is share a problem that has and how your product helped to solve the problem.

4. Develop a suitable video marketing strategy

It's crucial to develop a strategy that informs you on how to move forward with video marketing. To begin, you need to consider the following questions,

  • What is the goal of your video marketing?
  • Are you looking to improve customer onboarding, increase brand awareness, or boost conversions?
  • What's your budget like?
  • What kind of video content will help you to achieve your goals?
  • What are the various KPIs for measuring the success of your video marketing efforts?

Ensure that you provide the necessary answers to these questions to gain a better understanding of your overall video marketing strategy for your SaaS business.

5 . Designing your video content

How you present your videos is also as important as the way you distribute them. When it comes to designing your video content, you need to think of the length, subtitle, CTA, voice-over, production, and visuals.

Your video length should be under three minutes and straight to the point. Ensure you give customers the information they need so that you can boost conversions. You also need to consider a non-English speaking audience, so your video subtitles should be accurate and easy to understand.

Remember your video call to action to tell customers what you want them to do after watching the video. Finally, choosing a professional voice artist to narrate how your product works is also an excellent way to boost customer engagement.

What makes a great marketing video?

Here are four traits that make a great marketing video:

1. Consistency

You need to create videos consistently so you can build strong brand awareness and customer relationships. This would involve posting video content regularly and ensuring that your customers get familiar with how often you release video content.

2. Strong call-to-action

If you don't tell your customers the next steps to take after watching your video, they may never do anything at all. A good video marketing strategy encourages a strong call to action at the end of every video. It could be a request for customers to share or comment on the video, use a specific product feature or pay for a premium plan.

3. Simplicity

A good marketing video is short, simple, and straight to the point. Avoid complicating things by adding more than one call-to-action or making your videos too long so that customers wouldn't drop off before the end of the video.

4. Optimization

You need to ensure that your videos are optimized for the best performance. You can do this by

  • Using keywords
  • Using the right tags and hashtags
  • Adding descriptions
  • Distribute video content on multiple platforms

If you can apply these tips, you can create video content that's optimized for success.

Wrapping up

It's without a doubt that video content is a powerful marketing tool that can help you to build brand awareness, and increase customer retention and conversions.

What matters is that you build a great strategy that will empower your overall marketing efforts. Use the tips mentioned above to guide you as you build a video marketing strategy for your SaaS business. Remember to start with a budget that works for your business, apply a storytelling approach and choose the right distribution platforms for your video content.

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