Announcing our MAKE integration

We are happy to introduce our new integration with Make!

Announcing our MAKE integration

Make, formerly known as Integromat, is a platform that helps you build and automate your tools and manage your processes in one platform. By connecting Engage to Make as a destination, Make sends your customer data to Engage and you can then use that for customer segmentation and personalized messaging.

What this means for you

Make makes it easy to build tasks and no-code automation via access to over 1,000 apps and services. Our new Make integration makes it possible to connect Engage to these apps and services as a destination for customer data. This makes it easier to track your customer data and use that information to know your customer and power your messaging campaigns and automation.

Getting started

The Make integration is now available to every account on Engage. To use the integration,

  • Log in to your Make account and edit or create a new Scenario.
  • Add a new module and search for “Engage” in the search field.
  • Select “Engage” and your preferred Action.
  • Create a new connection. Enter your Engage public key in the username field and your private key in the password field. Your API keys are available on the Account Settings page of your Engage dashboard.
  • Select your preferred action—identify a user, track a user or make an API call

Want to learn more? Check out the Make docs. Don’t have an Engage account? Sign up now.