Better analytics and reporting for your Amazon SES account

Track deliveries, bounces, complaints, opens and clicks for your transactional emails through Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).

Your Amazon SES Dashboard

No live feed of email events
No way to view failed deliveries and complaints
No way to see emails and content of sent emails

Your Amazon SES connected to Engage

Real-time feed of email events
Easily view failed deliveries, complaints and other email events
Get weekly stats of email performance
View sent emails and email contents
We used to send thousands of transactional emails to our customers from our platform, and until we started working with, we had almost no visibility on open rates, bounce rates, and click rates...
Simone Basso, CTO, Indie Campers

See an overview of overall performance

See an overview of your transactional email performance, top clicks and top opens. Also, get a weekly email summary of performance.
Transactional email overview

Get a real-time events feed

See, in real-time, who opened and clicked on each transactional email sent from your app. Filter and get detailed reports on why each email bounced or failed to deliver – and which users it failed for.
Realtime transactional email events

View sent emails and interactions

See how users interact and see the content you send. Be 100% sure your email is delivering exactly the way it is designed.
Message overview

Manage your transactional email templates

Create, edit and delete your email templates from a simple dashboard. Your template is automatically synced to your email service provider.

View email content

See how users see the content you send. Be 100% sure your email is delivering exactly the way it is designed.

Slack notifications

Get timely failure delivery and complaint notifications sent to your Slack account.

View performance by tags

Use tags? See breakdown and performance of your emails by tags.

Sync to S3

Sync your email event feed to a bucket on Amazon S3.
Ready for a better Amazon SES dashboard?