Send messages via the right channel

Reach customers through email, SMS, in-app messaging and push notifications to deliver the right message in the right way.

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Support for multiple channels

Send targeted messages to customers through the right channel. Engage supports emails, SMS, push notifications and in-app messaging.

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See performance of messages

Get an overview of your message performance and metrics. See message events as they happen in real-time.

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Personalize your engagement

Personalize content with attribute tags and conditional statements. Send messages that make your customers feel special.

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There’s more

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Intuitive email builder

Create beautiful email content and templates with our simple to use email editor. We also have a plain text editor and support custom HTML.

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Bring your messaging infrastructure

Already use a different email service provider (ESP) or SMS gateway? Connect them for use on Engage and get started in no time.

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Send now or later

Send immediately or schedule your message to be delivered at a later time.