Amazon S3 Connector

Engage integrates with Amazon S3 as a data lake for your transactional email event data.

This integration is only available on the Growth plan.


The Amazon S3 integration is available on the integrations page of your Engage dashboard. Login to your Engage dashboard, visit Settings -> Integrations and click on the connect button for Amazon S3 Connector. You will be asked to provide your Amazon S3 key, secret, region and bucket name. We use these credentials to connect to Amazon S3 and upload the event data file to your selected bucket every hour. Ensure the bucket name specified in the integrations page is a bucket that has already been created in the S3 region specified. If you do not have any S3 specific IAM already, you can generate one. To do so:

  • Log in to your Amazon console and access IAM
  • Click Users -> Add New User. Create a user with just Programmatic access
  • In the Set Permissions screen and select Attach existing policies directly. Check access for the policy AmazonS3FullAccess or any access that will allow write/file upload to the specified bucket.
  • Confirm and create the user.

How it works

Every hour, Engage creates a CSV file with all transactional email data in the last hour and uploads it to the specified bucket.

  • The file name will be in the format YYY-MM-DD_HH:00.csv
  • The file has the following headers
    • Date: The event date
    • Customer: Email of the recipient
    • Event: The mail event. This will be Clicked, Opened, Failed, Delivered, Bounced, Temp failed (temporary) or Complained
    • Subject: Subject of the email
    • Additonal data: If the event is a click for example, this will contain the clicked URL. If it is a failure, it will contain more information about the failure.