Personalisation tags

Personalisation tags lets you use texts in the form of {{tag}} to represent user attributes and some platform attributes in your broadcast or automation content. When the broadcast is sent, the system replaces these tags with what they actually represent. If for example you create a broadcast with this content

Hi {{first_name}}, welcome onboard!

and you send it to a list with 2 users with the first names Jane and Doe, the broadcast will be sent as

Hi Jane, welcome onboard! to Jane; and Hi Doe, welcome onboard! to Doe.

The tags

  • {{email}} - User’s email.
  • {{first_name}} - User’s first name, if added.
  • {{last_name}} - User’s last name, if added.
  • {{number}} - User’s phone number (international format), if added.
  • {{meta.attribute}} - Any other user’s attribute where attribute is the name of the attribute. e.g {{meta.amount_paid}}.
  • {{unsubscribe_url}} - Broadcast or automation unsubscribe link. Only available if enabled for the broadcast.


Engage’s broadcast system is built on Shopify’s liquid. This means you can do a lot more. You can create conditional blocks, work with loops, and manipulate tags with filters. Learn more.