Segments are user groups based on user attributes and actions so that you can easily send a broadcast to the group. When you create a segment, you add user attributes or/and events you want and users that match the filters are added to the segment. Subsequently, when new users are tracked or attributes or events of existing users change, they automatically join or leave the segment.

Here are some segment examples:

  • Users that spent above $200 in the last 30 days
  • Users that haven't performed any action in the last 90 days
  • Users that have clicked the "learn more" link in the welcome mail

Segment subscriptions are automatically managed by the system. This means you cannot manually add or remove a user from a segment. They are automatically added or removed by the system based on changes to the user's attributes or events.

When you send an email broadcast to a segment and enable unsubscribe, users that unsubscribed will still belong to the segment but will stop getting emails.